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Playing “Hide the Mushrooms”

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Mushrooms are one of my favourite foods, along with chocolate, baked cheesecake (as long as it’s not dry), pumpkin and lamb shanks. And mangoes. I love mangoes.

Nick, The Slow Chef, likes mushrooms but not as much as me. The kids claim to hate them. However, I have worked out that they just hate ‘knowing’ that mushrooms are in their dinner.

Each Sunday we buy 500g of Swiss Brown mushrooms from the Noosa Farmers Market. I find the Swiss Brown’s have the strongest flavour whereas buttons have substance but less flavour. Field mushrooms are about halfway between the two.

During the course of the week the Swiss Browns are hidden in a variety of dishes from spaghetti bolognese to soup or risotto. For breakfast once a week Nick and I will have mushrooms fried in butter on toast. Heaven!

Tonight The Slow Chef is performing a death defying trick. Inspired by Fast Ed on Better Homes and Gardens, he is serving mushroom soup with homemade damper (his idea, not Ed’s). There is little chance of hiding the fact the speckled pale grey liquid is anything other than mushrooms (can you think of anything else that when blended ends up grey and speckly?)

Will The Slow Chef survive such a daring deed? I’ll report back in a few hours.

Success! Holly and Zach ate the soup without asking what it was. The damper was a real hit – reminded me of school camp when we each wrapped a wad of dough around the end of a stick, held it over the camp fire to cook (trying hard not to lose our eyebrows in the process) then dipped the burnt mass into a jar of Golden Syrup. Sticky heaven! Nick’s damper was far superior to 12-year-old Trish’s.

Holly scored the soup a 6 out of 10 (lucky she didn’t know what it was or she could have been really harsh). Zach thought it was too soon after eating to score and therefore hurt his father’s feelings. Sometimes he can be very sweet.

I, of course, loved it. The perfect Sunday night dinner after a day at the beach.

The Slow Chef fishing on Sunshine Beach this afternoon.

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  1. I remember the school campfire damper wrapped around a stick and filled with golden syrup!
    You meal sounds delicious – I also love mushrooms & agreed the Swiss browns at the Farmer’s Mkt are to die for.
    Nick and Paul should have a cook off – Paul’s right into Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals at the moment – tonight he cooked a gorgeous Duck Salad!


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