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The Slow Chef follows the journey of Nick from Noosa as he learns how to cook.

Written by his wife, Trish, the blog aims to be entertaining and humorous. We hope it will inspire others to take up cooking (or writing) as a hobby or for relaxation.

In Noosa we have access to masses of fresh food, a lot of it grown locally. On Sundays we head to the Noosa Farmer’s Market to stock up on supplies. We buy Auswana coffee ground for use in our coffee plunger, organic chickens from Bendele Farms, lamb from Farmer Dave and all the fruit and vegetables that are in season. We love the quality, colour and variety the markets offer and we love supporting local suppliers.

Our home is our castle, just like Darryl Kerrigan‘s. We don’t have a pool room but if we did, The Slow Chef’s meals would be going straight there.

Trish is inspired by the authors in the Radge Publishing stable. Trish works as publisher, editor, sales and promotions extraodinaire. She is always impressed by the passion and committment shown by authors such as Ann Rickard, Des Gettinby, Barbara Gettinby and Patricia Hayle. One day she hopes to be just like them…to write a book that is humorous, passionate and ultimately, entertaining.

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